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Ackee Fruit

During my time in Jamaica, we were introduced to many new foods made and grown in the country. One of these was the ackee fruit, a strange looking fruit grown on trees. These trees were very common in Jamaica. A traditional dish often made from this fruit is ackee and saltfish. My friend and I decided to try and make this dish while we were there. This is what it looked like when we were done!

This dish is normally a breakfast dish, but we ate it for dinner with some rice and some fresh mangos from the market. The ackee and saltfish dish was fairly easy to make. The most difficult process while making this dish would be cleaning and getting the ackee fruit ready. The only part of the ackee fruit that you can eat is the yellow flesh part. To get to this part of the fruit, you have to pull them out from the skin and then take out the hard black seeds at the top. You then must rinse and clean the yellow pieces with water before you cook with them to make sure it is clean.

With the saltfish, you have to make sure you let the fish sit in cold water for about an hour to get the salt off. Then you want to boil it in new fresh water until it is tender. Then you can shred the meat off of the bones to be ready to put in the pan with the rest of the ingredients.

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